How to buy with us?

1. Register

To make a purchase with us, it is necessary to create an account in our system. You can register by clicking here (if you already have an account with us, log in here).

Los datos que necesitamos para tu registro son los siguientes:

  • Name (mandatory field)
  • Last Name (mandatory field)
  • Phone (mandatory, 10 digits)
  • Email (mandatory field)
  • Password (required field)

2. Log In

Once you have successfully registered on our platform, you will be able to log in simply by entering your credentials.

3. Email verification

To provide you with accurate assistance and communicate with you, we need you to verify your email address. You will receive all the necessary information there.


  • Access your inbox and open the email titled "Verify email address."
  • Verify that the sender has the @theboxboss.com extension. If it doesn't contain this extension, be cautious; it could be a fraud attempt.
  • Click on the provided link or the "Verify email address" button.

4. Select products

  • When you find the product you are interested in, click on its image or name to access the product details page. On this page, you will find detailed information such as the product name, price, and a description, along with images.
  • In the product details page, you should see a button clearly labeled as "Add to Cart." Click on this button (you can also adjust the quantity if it's available in stock).

5. View the shopping cart

Once you are satisfied with the products you want to purchase, go to your shopping cart. There, you will see a summary of what you will be charged. To proceed, simply click on the "Next" button.

6. Shipping Information

Before proceeding with the payment, you will first need to enter the shipping address. Follow these steps:

  • Enter and validate your postal code, and click on "Validate postal code" (subject to coverage availability).
  • Enter your street and number (include the interior number if applicable).
  • Select your neighborhood.
  • Enter a home address reference.
  • Enter a note (optional).

7. Proceed to payment

Click on the "Proceed to Payment" button once the shipping information is correct. You will be redirected to another page where you will need to enter your card information.

  • Enter the corresponding information.
  • Procesa pago
  • Process payment.

NOTE: The payments are securely processed through the platform of href="https://stripe.com/mx">Stripe so you can rest assured during the process. VAT is already included in the price of the products.

8. Tracking

Once your purchase is confirmed, you will receive an email with the details of the purchase (you can also check them in your account on our platform). We will be in touch with you for any questions or clarifications. Feel free to contact us through. fchavez@theboxboss.com.